Street Athlete is in business to help others.

We would like to offer athletes registered and competing for sporting clubs significant savings on the products we sell. We retail a range of products from Australian Owned business who are leaders in their field.

Body Science - BSc supplements are world class, they have been in business for over 20 years. They are dedicated to creating trusted, quality products for our everyday physical and mental needs. A large percentage of Body Science products are HASTA (Human & Supplement Testing Australia) tested, a few are even TGA (Therapeutic Goods Administration) certified medicines. These certified products are an obvious must for any professional/semi-professional club.

The HASTA certification will protect athletes against the inadvertent use of banned substances, as per the WADA code. The TGA certification means that those products are stringently tested to ensure that any claims made on the packaging are substantiated by independent peer reviewed studies.

Life Cykel - Life Cykel is a company founded in Byron Bay,  they produce mushroom powders and liquid extracts which are world class. These products are certified organic, sustainable, utilising both native and imported high-quality mushrooms. These powders and extracts come directly from the farm, to you.

Used by an ever growing list of professional athletes, executives and everyday people who all positively review these products, no other company comes close to Life Cykel in this space.


Our aim is to support athletes with any of the products we retail, at prices they can actually afford. We understand that sometimes the cost of elite level supplements can sometimes be too much, especially for semi-pro or amateur athletes.

If you would like to discuss further, please do not hesitate to send us an email, or hit the chat button to discuss.

We provide significant savings on the products we retail for sporting clubs who would like to ensure their athletes have access elite level supplements which they otherwise may not be able afford.

This offer is open to any club, Football, Soccer, AFL, Boxing, Hockey, MMA etc...... 


Street Athlete is based in the Illawarra. If your club is outside of the Illawarra, shipping costs will be added. If your club is within the Illawarra, free delivery to your clubs home ground will be arranged.


Here are some of the elite clubs and organisations who trust our partners.