Collagen Low Carb Protein Bar



Tastefully crafted sugar-free coated chocolate, high protein bars with lighter multi-layer chewy textures.

  • Good for those who want a collagen protein option without the taste of traditional protein bars.

BSc's collagen bar has a 5g researched serve of Gelita® Tendoforte® Collagen and is the perfect snack for those healthy individuals on the go. Created to fuel your body with protein and collagen, these low carb tasty treats will keep you feeling satisfied throughout the day! Choose from three yummy flavours.  

Gelita® Tendoforte® is a brand committed to making sure you have the best bioactive collagen peptides for tendons & ligaments, we added it to a protein bar so you can snack at home or on the go.

  • This low carb high protein bar is perfect for your fitness goals!